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We proudly support Vault S.E.E.D a Home School Collective

Where children are provided with opportunities to grow through learning experiences that promote wellness, leadership, and discovery of their fullest potential.


The Vault Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The Vault Community.


About the Vault


The Vault is a place as well as a mindset. Our headquarters is a repurposed bank buildings in Atlanta, Georgia. We have created a new model where the treasures of engaging artistic expression, wealth building, and personal wellness promotes positive social and economic benefits for the community from one easily accessible resource – THE VAULT. We are proud of our recent endeavor in launching the Vault S.E.E.D Learning Center. We believe that the success of our future generations depends on the type of education they get today. Infused with their curriculum, students learn about The Arts, Wealth, Entrepreneurship and Wellness. 


The Vault Community --- WE ARE THE VAULT

Checks can be made out to The Vault Foundation, Inc.a donations made go to support building of our home school to provide support and access to as many families as possible.

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We are a multi-generational group of individuals who have come together in the name of true justice.


This movement brings awareness to a new reality of  “social justice” by re-imagining social matters within the community using “the arts”. Through Art, Fashion, Music, panel discussions, etc; together we will reinterpret the meaning of social justice while cultivating, influencing, and educating our audience on what it means to play an active role in a global society where equity & equality of life equates to true justice.

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